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In our eyes, it is equally important for us to provide you with the knowledge to better assist you in the selection of a contractor and inform you of your rights as a consumer.  Important to note: most homeowner insurance policies require work to be performed by a licensed contractor (make certain your project does not require a specialized license as well) and have put the responsibility of verifying a contractor’s credentials onto the homeowner, otherwise a claim can be denied (check the fine print of your policy to verify).  It is unfortunate; you simply cannot trust a contractor’s to be honest whether they are properly licensed and insured.  However, the internet is a valuable resource for consumers and the California Contractor’s Licensing Board has made it easy to verify the proper licensing and standing, including applicable insurance coverage, of a contractor.  Just log onto www.cslb.ca.gov, here you will find a plethora of valuable information for consumers and also be able to “check the status” of a contractor (hint: look for the words “check the status” in the last paragraph on the page).  You will be prompted to provide the contractor’s license number, business name or personal name and you will then be able to view all pertinent information concerning the contractor and/or the company.  Most important to note, is whether the license number is active and applicable to the work being performed (a list and description of each license category is also available via this site), but also if the contractor has the applicable worker’s compensation coverage required by the State as this will ultimately protect you and your assets.